Safeguarding Questions for Parents and Carers

At this time of year, lots of parents will be thinking about sending their children to summer activitity days and holidays clubs, sports events and other activities.
This is a brilliant way to broaden their horizons and give them access to some new experiences, but it’s worth making sure that the places you send them are safe – there us some excellent guidance from the DfE, which you can find on this link.
Some of the questions you might wish to ask of such settings are:

• Have staff and volunteers undertaken DBS checks? How recent were
• the checks?
• Will any adults besides the instructor be present at the venue while my child is there? If so, will they be there on a regular basis?
• What training have staff had?
• May I have a copy of your child protection policy?
• Who is your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and what training
• have they had? How recent was this training?
• My child has Special Educational Needs and / or a disability (SEND). What steps will you take to accommodate this?
• My child needs help with: using the toilet; changing; feeding; their medication, etc. How will these personal care needs be addressed?
• How are you securely storing the information you hold on my child? Who has access to it and are you giving it to anyone else?
• Is my child allowed to access the internet unsupervised?
• Do you have filtering and monitoring systems in place? What are they?