“Believe You Can” – Littledown School Motto


Mission Statement

The School has four Core Tasks which are our mission:

Inclusion through Equality of Opportunity

  • Valuing each person as an individual worthy of respect
  • Nurturing every aspect of people’s personalities and characters
  • Giving equal opportunity to be included in every aspect of the school curriculum, following national targets but sometimes by special routes
  • Preparing every person for the opportunities, responsibilities and expectations of a fulfilling adult life
  • Being an open and welcoming community


Raising Standards and Sustaining Improvement

Through the teaching, learning, care and life of the school.

With pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community:

  • SPIRITUALLY – developing a sense of wonder, appreciation and personal faith
  • MORALLY – recognising right and wrong, developing values and an active conscience
  • CULTURALLY – appreciating people from differing background, cultures and races, their lifestyles and interests
  • COGNITIVELY – gaining self-control, knowledge, understanding and thinking skills to adapt, respond and reason
  • PHYSICALLY – taking on healthy, fit and safe lifestyles and developing physical skills and co-ordination
  • SOCIALLY – learning to relate easily and responsibly to a variety of people to both contribute to and receive from the community with confidence
  • EMOTIONALLY – recognising causes of feelings, learning to share them in others and ourselves and to control our reactions



  • Looking at what we do well and what we could do better
  • Learning how to be self-evaluating, to set targets and to achieve them
  • Changing as a result of self-evaluation both individually and as a school community
  • Investing in the quality of the process without being outcome-oriented but achieving our own and nationally agreed targets


Compassionate Care in an Educational Environment

  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of our pupils, staff and visitors
  • Helping break cycles of hopelessness and despair that pupils and parents/carers may experience
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to learning
  • Replacing low self-esteem with confidence
  • Accepting people, valuing individual strengths even where others may have been rejected
  • Working together truthfully, openly, fairly and supportively with forgiveness, mediation and restoration
  • Providing a safe, stimulating and happy environment which we can all share
  • Recognising our limitations and seeking additional help and support where appropriate