The nurture group at Littledown, ‘Shooting Stars’, is a small class (up to 6 children) of Key Stage 1 and early Key Stage 2 children who are still on the role of their mainstream school. The classroom environment is adapted to include elements that are typically found at home, the nurture group room has a kitchen /eating area, a work area and a play area. Rooms are colourfully decorated and have soft furnishings. Children have access to toys relevant to different points of development, including their current emotional or chronological development.

The children attend the nurture group for a significant part of each week. They always attend their mainstream schools for part of the week (3 afternoons minimum) this increases nearer the end of their time in the nurture provision as they prepare to return full time to their mainstream placement. Nurture group work is intensive and fairly long term. Children spend between two and four terms in the group. The approach blends educational and emotional intervention.


Referral to the Nurture Group

Schools will initially contact Littledown School to discuss the situation and arrange a visit and initial observation Those concerns will be investigated and a Boxall profile completed to decide if Nurture Group provision is appropriate. If it is considered appropriate a Behaviour Panel form will be completed and a referral made to behaviour panel where the admission will be considered. On admission to the Nurture Group, the child should be classified as School Action plus and an Individual Education Plan completed.

Behaviour Panel Referral Form