Intensive Outreach

If a pupil has been placed at Littledown on a 12 week assessment place, they may then be ready to reintegrate to a new mainstream school. Once a new school has been identified Littledown manages a process of reintegration through a meeting that normally involves parents and senior representatives of both Littledown and receiving schools. The intensive outreach team are then a major part of supporting that reintegration. They will also coordinate review meetings to establish when a pupil is ready to transfer completely. The outreach team are also involved with integrations of Littledown students returning to mainstream in much the same way.

Another feature of the team’s work is its preventative role where a pupil is at risk of permanent exclusion. Whenever appropriate the team can be available to intensively support mainstream pupils in their schools: setting up behaviour monitoring systems, training mainstream school staff by modelling behaviour management or supporting whilst additional support is identified by the school. This support is limited to two terms but has been an effective preventative measure. Referrals for this service are made through the Primary Behaviour Panel and a Behaviour Panel Referral form must be completed.