“I had a lovely day at Littledown school. The staff were helpful, caring and patient.
At the end of the day points were given out for work and behaviour. The day went so quickly within the school. I felt the children were well supported with all their needs. ”
Visiting Teacher

“I believe these trips are part of your pupil reward scheme – we really love being part of such a positive programme – and, very rarely, one of the pupils has been unable to attend due to an incident on the day”
Pottery Workshop Provider

“When we first found out that our son would be attending Littledown we were so upset and disappointed, but this has been the best thing that could of happened to him. I can not get over how far he has come and that is due to every member of staff there. You have helped and allowed my little boy to grow in to an amazing young man! I honestly think we as a family would not be where we are today without all your fantastic support and help. We were at a loss and you truly saved us. It is with a heavy heart that he leaves today and we will never forget you guys.”

Parent, Year 6 child


“Just a quick note to say thanks very much for letting me come in this morning. I really appreciated it and it was great to experience the two classes. Lots to think about! All the staff and children were lovely and welcoming.” Visiting Teaching Assistant

“I feel my son has progressed to a better level since leaving Mainstream and joining Littledown. He has less physical breakdowns at home. He has been communicating a lot better since September.”
Parent, Year 5 child

‘’A general thank you to all staff at Littledown as they all provide the children with a positive and happy environment to learn in”
Parent, Year 5 child 


“Thank you for a great science afternoon of engineering it was lovely to take part and see what all the children came up with and their imaginations.
My son really enjoyed the afternoon and it really helped that we weren’t moving from room to room as he was much more settled.” – Parent, year 4 child


“I just wanted to say that I was at odds farm park with my two toddlers today and when we were in the soft play area there were a few children from your school there.
I was so impressed with how polite and well behaved they were, and very considerate of the smaller children. They had great patience when the little ones were taking a long time climbing and always made sure they were finished before having their go.
The staff were also great and keeping a close eye on them which I’m sure helped their behaviour.
It’s so refreshing seeing a group of school children acting so respectful in a soft play environment where they probably want to let loose and go mad! It’s hard for children of their age to understand they need to be careful around little ones but they were great.

That’s all I have to say, I just wanted to send praise as so often I have the complete opposite experience with school children there and thought your school children were above and beyond what was probably expected of them.” – Member of the public, 14th May 2018


“I really wanted to share how lovely it was to go into my son’s class for the science event afternoon. I could really see that the teacher and the staff are really trying to embrace the sensory issues of the children. It was amazing to have the calm music and the calm lights, it was a wonderful atmosphere and it really made a difference to the day. I could certainly see my son benfitted far more than on previous events. Thank you to all involved. – Parent of year 4 child