Curriculum Policies and Documents

At Littledown School, we use a range of published schemes of work to help ensure our children are receiving the best curriculum possible that can be differentiated to their individual needs. We use some aspects of Rising Stars. The following documents were produced by Rising Stars to provide an overview of what children in specific year should be learning in line with the 2014 changes to the National Curriculum.

Rising Stars Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Rising Stars Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Rising Stars Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Rising Stars Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Rising Stars Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Rising Stars Year 6 Curriculum Overview


The following is an overview of what scheme of work is used for what subject:

Long term plan literacy yr1 yr 2

Long term plan literacy yr3 yr4

Long term plan literacy yr5 yr6

MMS Progress Ladder Arithmetic 1

MMS Progress Ladder Arithmetic 2

MMS Progress Ladder Data and Measure

MMS Progress Ladder Geometry

MMS Progress Ladder Reasoning

Art & DT long term plan 2015 LCP

Computing long term plan 2015 RS

Humanities long term plan 2015

KS1 PSHE Health and Well Being long term (Summer)

KS2 PSHE Health and Well Being long term (Summer)

Literacy long term plan 2015

PE long term plan 2015 Real PE

RE long term plan 2012

Science long term plan 2014 RS

Spanish long term plan 2015-2016 LN

Spanish overview

Further Curriculum related policies:

Assessment and Progress policy April 2016

Literacy Policy January 2016

Curriculum Policy October 2015

Littledown School Sex and Relationships (SRE) Policy October 2015

Collective Worship Policy Feb 2015


Handwriting and presentation of work policy March 2015

Littledown School E Safety policy Jan 2014

Littledown School Homework Policy July 14

Littledown School Marking Policy April 2015

physical activity policy Feb 2015

RE policy March 2015


SSSN Newsletters:

SSSN Newsletter December 2016